Infrastructure Projects

Good infrastructure is at the heart of every high functioning city; creating connections that link people to services, businesses, housing, culture, education, and recreation. The University District's major infrastructure projects, the University District Gateway Bridge and the South Landing are pedestrian-friendly crossroads where the community can enjoy open green space, a cultural plaza, a car-free lifestyle and easy access to state-of-the-art regional transit. Neuroscience points to the overwhelming health benefits of exercise and proximity to nature. The University District promises to offer both with future infrastructure improvements to include numerous pocket parks as well as a network of walking and biking trails.

In addition to the bridge, additional infrastructure improvements are underway or completed on several University District streets. One example is the extension of Riverside Avenue (now Martin Luther King Jr. Way) which moves traffic away from the WSU/EWU campus while creating an inviting setting within the University District for commuters. The new boulevard also includes bike lanes, street trees, wide sidewalks, and an elevated median. The Division Street GatewayEast Sprague Avenue and Sprague Avenue from Division to Scott Street improvements are finished or underway as well and are transforming the face of these vital city thoroughfares.

Click this link for information regarding other public-owned infrastructure projects or this link for development projects.