Smart Built Environments

The Scott Morris Center for Energy Innovation (pictured here and partner building to Catalyst) is the heart of an innovative shared energy model called an Eco-District, where a centralized plant powers both new buildings and additional buildings in the future. These structures are two of the largest zero-carbon, zero-energy buildings in North America, as certified by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI).

A collaborative effort between Avista, McKinstry, Katerra, Eastern Washington University, Michael Green Architecture, and Emerald Initiative, this partnership demonstrates what’s possible when leaders from different industries work together to create transformative, innovative, new approaches to solving big problems. Sustainable development goals can coexist with more traditional metrics for affordability, operational efficiency and tenant comfort.

A similar "smart" collaborative initiative in the University District, Urbanova, is a testbed to harness data to gain insights, enable healthier citizens and safer neighborhoods, and build smarter infrastructure and a more sustainable environment. 

Photo of Scott Morris Center for Energy Innovation courtesy McKinstry