STA Annual Report available

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


I am pleased to introduce you to STA's 2017-2018 Annual Report that shows both recent progress made and our commitment to the community moving forward. In it you will see that STA is an efficiently run organization providing cost-effective public transportation, and that our commitments to earning and retaining the community’s trust, providing strong and transparent financial stewardship and delivering outstanding customer service are as strong as ever: 

  • Unlike some organizations, we operate without debt, on a pay as you go basis, maximizing the funding entrusted to us by taxpayers and customers. 
  • As we implement the 10-year, voter-approved plan STA Moving Forward, we are ensuring that this unprecedented expansion of public transportation not only supports population and business growth, but also reflects the community’s expectations for more and better service. 

We all thrive when everyone has access to the opportunities our region has to offer — from trips to work or school to a ride to a medical appointment or worship service — and we're proud to play a part in their freedom to get there

From all of us here at Spokane Transit, thank you for your support. 


E. Susan Meyer 
Chief Executive Officer 
Spokane Transit Authority