Visit Spokane's Cheryl Kilday wins Smart Women In Meetings award

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Cheryl Y. Kilday has been named a 2018 Smart Women in Meetings Awards winner in the Industry Leader category for her work at Visit Spokane. The awards, which honor top-performing women in the meetings industry, recognize female meeting professionals in the categories of Visionaries, Industry Leaders, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Trail Blazers, and Rising Stars.

In Cheryl's words....

Inspiration: I draw my inspiration from the community that I serve. My work positively impacts residents and businesses because visitors are spending time and money. Welcoming visitors is inspiring and satisfying. It gives me great pleasure to support charities and local businesses beyond what our residents can achieve on their own, the community development that improves our quality of life, and the cash registers ring expanding prosperity in our region. Playing a pivotal role influencing policy makers to consider the visitor experience in how our community works and promoting the best of Spokane to visitors is rewarding.

Superpower: I squeeze out more minutes in the day than is humanly possible. I participate in more programs and conversations than seems plausible, yet I still manage to not only be with my family every night, but be present.

Action Item: I believe in the power of laughter and its contagious effect on others. At this time in history, we need more laughter to combat the negative and dark attitudes that, left to fester, could divide our society.

Photo by The Spokesman-Review