Mayor's Minute: $2.4 Billion invested in Spokane

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

(Watch this edition of the Mayor's Minute)

Community engagement is vitally important to the success of Spokane. We have been talking with you for more than six years now about important advancements and future priorities. And each year, we have been fortunate enough to report great progress and discuss exciting new opportunities for Spokane, neighborhoods, youth, our most vulnerable, and you. 

For the first few years, progress was measured by improvements to city finances and realigned resources to better meet citizen priorities. That evolved to delivering bigger outcomes in public safety, streets, and river cleanup. Today, we are talking about transformational ideas, initiatives, and investments that are enhancing quality of life, accelerating new investment in Spokane, and expanding the possibilities for future generations.

Spokane is on the verge of amazing opportunity. Over the past six years, more than $2.4 billion has been invested in public and private projects in Spokane. Median household income climbed for the third year in a row to its highest levels in at least 10 years. And, our two-year Community Investment Plan will add $52 million in investment around the city, including major projects that would expand the boundaries and impact of the 100-acre park that is the centerpiece of the Intermountain Northwest and enhance Spokane’s urban experience.

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