Startup Spokane Weekend 2017 winners announced

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The halls of Avista's headquarters were buzzing with activity all weekend long! On the 10th, 11th and 12th, about 80 individuals with great ideas and a passion for entrepreneurship came together for the 10th Startup Weekend Spokane!

The event started with 33 initial pitches that were narrowed down to the top 9 ideas by vote of the participants. The teams were comprised of a wide variety of participants, including high school students, college students and working professionals. In spite of their differences, they formed highly productive teams and created viable business models, complete with working prototypes and Webpages!

The competition was tight but by Sunday evening, the judges had selected their top three ideas. Coming in first place was Lil' Omelette. A web-based cooking class for kids from 5-12.

Second place was taken by Sound Barcode, whose Idea to embed an audio file in a barcode was hailed as a marketing breakthrough! And in third place, Work Bid, a platform and service designed to help homeowners navigate the often confusing process of finding a contractor for home improvements.

In spite of the fact that they weren't given top honors the other six teams competing had great plans, too! Congratulations to everyone and Startup Wee