Mayor Releases 10-Step Plan to Implement Remaining Actions in Sustainability Action Plan

Friday, August 4, 2017

Spokane Mayor David Condon today is releasing a new plan that will guide his administration’s efforts to implement remaining actions in the City’s Sustainability Action Plan and additional work that is both environmentally and financially responsible.

The 10-step Implementation Plan includes actions to deliver a cleaner river, conserve water, reduce energy use, support renewable energy sources, move toward zero landfilled waste, use land more wisely, and promote “green” economic development.  The implementation plan will help deliver on the goals in our new Strategic Plan and coincides with Council action in support of continued work around sustainability.

“Throughout my tenure, I have supported work that makes sense for environment, delivers additional benefits to our citizens, and is achievable financially,” says Mayor Condon.  “The true measure of our commitment to sustainability and resiliency is the outcome of our actions. We are improving the health of our river, building bike lanes, and expanding our urban forest.  We’ve achieved net zero energy use at the City, and we’re working toward net zero landfilled waste. These are results that make a difference.”

View the 10-Step Implementation plan (PDF 165 KB).