GSI's VISION 2030 Initiative - What you Need to Know

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

VISION 2030 is one of Greater Spokane Incorporated's (GSI) Community Initiatives and is considered the single-largest economic development opportunity for the Inland Northwest. 

The Vision: Creation of a comprehensive, world-class center for health and medical sciences education and life sciences research and commercialization, resulting in robust healthcare and life sciences industry growth, with unprecedented economic impact to the Spokane region. Multiple studies project a nearly 9% annual increase in GDP while creating more than 9,000 higher wage jobs by the year 2030. 

Major Objectives

This initiative, led by GSI in partnership with business, health care, and education sectors includes focus areas of health and medical sciences education, bioscience research and business development, academic and industry infrastructure and facilities, and branding, marketing and communication, which will transform our economy by building on our community's largest economic driver - health care.

With growth in health science and medical education comes growth in research. And most research, with the right support services, is the predecessor to biotechnology startup businesses. This innovation is how Spokane expands existing businesses and attracts new businesses, which in turn brings new jobs.

Accomplishments to Date

After a year of visioning and a year of planning, the VISION 2030 initiative is well on its way to finalizing the goals, strategies, tactics, and metrics for each focus area. Spokane industry and academic leaders are actively engaged in chairing and participating in strategy and governance committees of VISION 2030.  

The foundation is already in place for a significant transformation that will impact multiple industries throughout the Inland Northwest. Spokane is a city on the move, and VISION 2030 is fueling the future.