Urbanova selected to compete in CleanTech Innovation Showcase

Monday, June 26, 2017

CleanTech Alliance to spotlight clean technology innovations from established industry leaders, high-growth companies and startups.

CleanTech Alliance announced the 24 companies selected to present their latest clean technology innovations, ideas and initiatives at the CleanTech Innovation Showcase on June 26 in Seattle.
Held June 26, 2017, at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center in Seattle, the CleanTech Innovation Showcase is the region’s premier one-day conference focused on technology and business innovation. Companies, research institutions and partnerships from across U.S., Canada and beyond submit applications and compete for one of 24 presenting company spots. An independent panel of CleanTech Alliance members review these applications and select the 24 presenting companies, which receive 20 minutes to showcase their latest clean technology innovations, initiatives and ideas in front of the event’s more than 500 attendees spanning industry, investors, policymakers and media.
“The CleanTech Innovation Showcase celebrates the innovation that lies at the heart of the clean technology sector,” said J. Thomas Ranken, President & CEO of the CleanTech Alliance. “It’s the only industry conference where you’ll find industry giants presenting side-by-side with early-stage startups and research intuitions. That mixture creates a charged atmosphere that motivates attendees to learn, partner and invest in the best our industry has to offer.”
The 2017 CleanTech Innovation Showcase presenting companies include:

AGES Thermal Processing Corp. remediation equipment removes contaminates from industrial solid wastes and extract hydrocarbons into a re-usable oil product.


The PureJet waste gas incinerator from Atlantis Research Labs is 99.9% efficient in the destruction of methane and the neutralization of volatile organic compounds.


Beta Hatch is industrializing the production of insects for agriculture. The company farms mealworms as a high-protein feed ingredient for poultry and fish.


Boeing and The Nature Conservancy are working together to define chronic environmental challenges and accelerate solutions. 


Cielo WiGle manufactures smart thermostats for ductless heating and cooling systems with a complete ecosystem that includes hardware, smartphone apps and more.


CleanTech MFG

The CleanTech MFG Accelerator is a proof of concept center for early-stage and mid-stage development of novel, market-driven, high-impact, clean technologies.


easyXAFS produces novel x-ray equipment for performing analytical chemistry measurements. Fast, routine access to these techniques are now available as benchtop x-ray systems for the first time.


Helion Energy’s magneto-inertial fusion approach utilizes pulsed, very high field magnets that compress a magnetized plasma fuel to required temperatures and pressures.


Hotrock Energy Research Organization is increasing the flexibility of geothermal energy through thermal energy storage and use of thermoelectric materials.


IntelliJet Marine catapults boating into the modern world, meeting efficiency, safety, performance, reliability and sustainability standards common to other vehicles.


Itron Idea Labs is driving the digital transformation of cities and utilities through new business opportunities in high-growth industries and emerging markets.


The Joint Center for Deployment and Research in Earth Abundant Materials aims to establish Washington State as a leader in next-­‚Äźgeneration clean energy and transportation technologies.


The LO3 TAG platform delivers blockchain-based solutions to provide essential capabilities and functionality for a variety of energy market applications.


Pacific Northwest
National Laboratory

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory offers a variety of technical assistance and validation opportunities for cleantech entrepreneurs and stakeholders.


Phytonix Corporation technology transforms industry carbon emissions into renewable butanol, a valuable industrial chemical.


R2B Microgrid

R2B Microgrid Solutions is a leading project development and services firm enabling the deployment of microgrids on a global scale.


SmartVineyards provides sensor networks and cloud-based data analytics to better manage vineyards and other agricultural fields.


SuperCritical Technologies significantly changes the economics of waste to energy with small, highly efficient power plants fueled by waste heat.


Uber Technologies, in partnership with Drive Oregon, is launching a pilot to significantly increase the number of Uber drivers operating electric vehicles.


UniEnergy Technologies provides energy storage solutions for utility, independent power producer, microgrid and commercial and industrial customers.


The University of Washington Clean Energy Institute’s Washington Clean Energy Testbeds assist in scale-up, prototyping, testing and validating of clean energy innovations.


Urbanova is a living laboratory where companies, public partners and innovators are working on smart city solutions designed to be replicated around the world.


VeloMetro Mobility sees a future where city populations switch from fossil-fuel based modes of transportation to clean and healthy transportation via cycling.


Washington State University is advancing cross-laminated timber technologies for building applications based on composite panels produced from sawn lumber.