Saranac Art Projects October Gallery Exhibition through Oct 30

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Dates:            October 1 – October 30, 2021           

  FREE OPENING RECEPTION, Friday, October 1st, 5-8 pm

Hours:            The gallery is open to the public: Friday, 12-8pm, & Saturday, 12-8pm.

Artists:           Saranac Art Projects is pleased to present new works by Lisa Nappa & Chris Tyllia.


Wax and Wool - a collection of new works, material research, visual translations and residue by Lisa Nappa and Chris Tyllia (pictured at left).

The Inspiration for this exhibition comes from a desire to engage deeply with mundane materials and processes; specifically, the melting of wax and tufting of wool fiber. The traditional uses for these materials are often functional, carrying a veneer of ‘old fashioned commodities,’ integral for survival before the widespread use of electricity. They are used to create objects that can protect us from the elements and illuminate the darkness. Perhaps even in our contemporary culture these materials still hold some of their protective powers over our psyches. While not directly necessary for our physical survival anymore we still light aromatherapy candles in our wool-blend socks and sweaters.