Ignite Talks with Martin Tobias, Founder of Incisive Ventures - April 22

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Join us for Ignite Talks with Martin Tobias, Founder of Incisive Ventures, Element8 and serial entrepreneur, on April 22nd!  Please click here for registration. The online program begins at 12:00 pm, with plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Martin Tobias is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor who raised over $500 million and had two IPOs as a CEO and has invested in more than 100 deals in 25 years. He is founder of Incisive Ventures, an investment syndicate, and Element8, a leading Angel network. Martin is an investor in local Spokane startup Vega and currently focuses on technology and renewable energy investments. He has also owned bars, restaurants and real estate and a live music rock club.

Ignite Talks enlightens entrepreneurs through interviews and presentations featuring success stories, guest speakers and institutional investors sharing their investment criteria and commentary on current market conditions. Ignite Talks is sponsored by Lee & Hayes.  See Ignite's program schedule at ignitenorthwest.com.