Visit Spokane new home in Convention Center

Friday, November 13, 2020

What a crazy mix of wind, snow, rain, and falling leaves today! I must admit, I'm still adjusting to winter. I appreciate its beauty, but getting around takes some getting used to. We are lucky that our office move took place over the past week when the weather was more cooperative.

Yes, we have moved. Our temporary (one year?) space is at the Spokane Convention Center Administrative Offices on Spokane Falls Blvd. Most of our staff will continue to work from home, but this gives us valuable administration and co-working space for meetings and team collaboration. We look forward to our new view of the Spokane River and break time spent walking along the Centennial Trail.

It was sad to say goodbye to the beautiful office that used to bustle with staff and guests; to empty every room and cupboard and pack away memories. We are sad and grateful too. The new location is perfect for now, and when our industry rises again, we will need more space, and we will move again.

Do you know what makes me happy? The kudos and compliments that keep coming in about our Room to Roam campaign! Like the professor from Portland State University who reached out because he planned to use it as an example in class of a "fantastic and creative marketing campaign." Or the tweet that said, "Visit Spokane your new ad campaign is SO cute! I can't wait to visit." 

Our amazing double-decker buses are now roaming the streets of Seattle, and snow characters are making their debut at The campaign has resulted in $3.9M in room night revenue for our region! We look forward to sharing the holiday commercial with you soon.

Have a great weekend,
Meg Winchester
President & CEO


Meg Winchester