Hearts of Joya Benefit Event - Join Virtually October 29th

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Hearts of Joya is an inspiring event that shares Joya’s mission and vision with the community. 

This year, we are celebrating our 60th Anniversary and honoring the amazing women who made it all possible. Joya started in 1960 as the Spokane Guilds’ School, when the Guilds, a group of caring women, started providing respite care for families of children with developmental disabilities. Since then, our organization has grown from volunteer-led to a Neurodevelopmental Center of Excellence staffed by certified teachers, therapists, pediatric nurses, a pediatrician, and social workers. Join us as we honor the women of the Guilds with the annual Heart of Joya award and recognize their decades of service for children and families with special needs.

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Questions? Please contact Tammy Sweeney, events manager, at 509-326-1651 x325 or tammy.sweeney@joya.org.