October Exhibitions at Saranac Art Projects

Friday, October 25, 2019

Saranac Art Projects presents two exhibitions for the month of October, featuring member artists Jenny Hyde and Jessica Earle.


Partially funded by a Spokane Arts Grant Award, The Streets of Spokane: A project by Jenny Hyde, looks at the conditions of the roads of Spokane as “one topic that residents of Spokane agree upon…despite drastic differences in politics and incomes.” Hyde sees the textures of the streets as a metaphor for the complicated layers within the lives of those who live here. Using an old EKG machine, Hyde draws a line that is based on the movement generated as her car drives over road surfaces. The vibration being recorded is much like a seismograph records vibration in the earth. 

In Jessica Earle’s installation, Melt, we are presented with a future Alaska Cruise Ship view of icebergs. In this future, icebergs have all melted, so the only way to see them is through the artifice of technology.  


Oct 4-26, Opening reception Oct 4, 4-8 pm

Jenny Hyde Artist Talk Friday Oct 25, 6:30 pm



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