Domestic Violence Awareness support - Sept 30 campaign launch

Monday, September 30, 2019

Spokane is a special place to live and work. Part of what makes it so special is our ability to act as a caring and compassionate community when it counts most.

Right now we have a community issue that requires a community-wide effort to address. Family violence and trauma has become an epidemic in our great city.


According to the Spokane Regional Health District, there may be as many as 13,500 victims annually due to underreported incidents of domestic violence. Children are often witness to Domestic Violence which in turn increases their risk for abuse and the long term consequences of adverse childhood experiences.


Thankfully Spokane is responding in full force! Recently, a coalition of community partners called the Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition, which includes Vanessa Behan, has been meeting to develop a community campaign that invites a deeper response from our citizens as a whole. Whether you are a victim, a perpetrator, a bystander, a public policy maker, or a funder, the new End The Violence campaign is here to ignite you into action to help end family violence in our community.


Learn more about this powerful effort below and mark your calendar for Sept 30th at 7pm for a very special documentary you won’t want to missairing on stations throughout Spokane.