Popup Pilot & Cargo Bike Documentary at EWU Oct 5-11

Saturday, October 5, 2019




The temporary cycle track will be installed Saturday, Oct. 5


The “Spokane in Motion” project has postponed the installation of a temporary cycle track because of anticipated wet and cold weather. The “pop-up” cycle track will now be installed Saturday, Oct. 5 through Saturday, Oct. 11.


The temporary bicycle infrastructure will connect the University District Gateway Bridge to the new Cincinnati Greenway via Spokane Falls Boulevard. With this pop-up event, bicyclists can experience riding in a protected bike lane and a two-way cycle track. More information is available on the City Council’s Facebook page. Citizens can provide feedback on the pop-up cycle track through this online survey.


Spokane in Motion was launched this spring to increase awareness around bicycling in Spokane. The project is also hosting a showing of Motherload, a crowd-sourced documentary about how cargo bikes will save the world. Free tickets for the Friday, Oct. 4, 5:30 p.m. showing at the Eastern Washington University Spokane Center, 688 N. Riverpoint are available online. Between 4:30 and 5:15 p.m., a cargo bike demo is planned to allow people to take a test ride in a cargo bike. More information is available on the City Council’s Facebook page.


Hello Spokane in Motion Members, City Council, Popup Sponsors & Cycling Community Members,


Popup Pilot

Great news… our Popup Pilot has been confirmed!  We will be demonstrating a separated, two-way cycle track on Spokane Falls Boulevard from the north landing of the Gateway Bridge to the Cincinnati Greenway.  The temporary installation will go up on Saturday, September 28th and be in place for a week.  See attached map for details.


We need your help! Volunteers are needed to help set up the temporary cycle track, monitor the installment throughout the week, survey users, experience the cycle track and provide feedback, and take down the installment on the last day.  We are also looking for artists and creative types to help make stencils for wayfinding and beautify the project.  Please sign up on this sheet if you are interested in helping.


Cargo Bike Documentary

Motherload: a crowdsourced documentary about how cargo bikes will save the world.

On October 4th, we are sponsoring a free showing of this documentary on cargo bikes. Wheel Sport has generously offered to bring a selection of cargo bikes for us to test-ride immediately before the movie showing from 4:30-5:15. 



Location: EWU Spokane Center Auditorium (cargo bike demo on campus behind building)

668 N Riverpoint Blvd

Time: 4:30-7pm

Wheel Sport will be demonstrating several types of cargo bikes on the EWU campus directly before the movie showing.  This is your opportunity to actually get on a cargo bike and test it out! Movie starts at 5:30pm and runs for 90 minutes.


Please forward the attached MOTHERLOAD press release to your affiliated organizations and to anyone who might be interested in attending this free event. 

Facebook event page

Eventbrite Ticket/Registration




Media Contact: Kara Odegard kodegard@spokanecity.org

More info: motherloadmovie.com

MOTHERLOAD to screen in Spokane at the EWU Spokane Center on Oct 4th. Cargo Bike Demonstration at 4:30pm on campus; screening starts at 5:30pm.

Free Admission

The documentary film MOTHERLOAD is coming to Spokane at Eastern Washington University’s Spokane Campus on October 4th. MOTHERLOAD is a crowdsourced documentary in which the cargo bicycle becomes a vehicle for exploring motherhood in this digital age of climate change. The film follows director and new mother Liz Canning on her quest to understand the increasing tension between modern life and our hunter-gatherer DNA, and how cargo bikes offer a solution. As Liz meets the people behind this push to replace cars with purpose-built bikes, she learns about the history and potential future of the bicycle as the “ultimate social revolutionizer.” Conflict arises when characters encounter cultural resistance, in particular bikelash focused on women and mothers. MOTHERLOAD draws connections here to the struggle of cyclist Suffragettes and to women's seemingly endless fight for bodily autonomy. Ultimately, Liz's experiences as a cyclist, as a mother, and in discovering the cargo bike world, teach her that sustainability is not necessarily about compromise and sacrifice, and that there are few things more empowering in an age of consumption than the ability to create everything from what seems to be nothing.


Spokane in Motion is hosting the MOTHERLOAD Community Screening in partnership with Eastern Washington University Urban & Regional PlanningWheel Sport Bicycles, and the City of Spokane on October 4th at the EWU Spokane Center. The movie starts at 5:30pm and Wheel Sport will have a variety of cargo bikes for you to try out immediately before the screening at 4:30pm. Find us on campus behind the EWU Spokane building to test ride a cargo bike! For more information on the event and tickets, please visit our Facebook event page or contact kodegard@spokanecity.org. 


About Spokane in Motion: SIM is a group of local and regional planners, engineers, transportation experts, elected officials, university faculty & staff, students and citizens who are looking to create safer and more connected infrastructure for bicycling in Spokane. In conjunction with this film screening, Spokane in Motion is coordinating a temporary "popup" cycle track to run from the north landing of the Gateway Bridge along Spokane Falls Blvd to Cincinnati. The popup will run from Sept 28th through Oct 4th. Take your bike for a spin and test the temporary separated cycle track!