Ubanova and Avista bring national attention to Spokane

Monday, August 5, 2019

The Dentons Smart Cities & Communities Think Tank has named Spokane one of the smartest cities of 2019!

The award stems from the City's regional partnership with Urbanova, which is a nonprofit organization founded in 2016 by Avista, the City of Spokane, Itron, Washington State University, McKinstry and the University District Development Association. The non-profit organization is a smart city living laboratory in Spokane’s University District that leverages the city’s vibrant urban advantages and its unique ability to collaborate to show the way for cities of the future.

The Spokane community is proof of what is possible when people and partners come together with a shared vision and purpose. The principles of collaboration and strategic partnerships that have moved the Spokane community forward in the past are creating a solid foundation for the future. The city of Spokane and its Urbanova partners are inspiring cities to rethink urban neighborhood design, construction, and innovation. Today, the vision to create a technology-rich space for learning, living, research and business is already becoming a reality in Spokane, Washington.