Innovation High School students inspired by teacher start The Spartan Club

Friday, January 11, 2019

(photo courtesy Kris Daratha)

Innovation High School teacher Kris Daratha started Spartan racing three years ago. Two years ago he moved into the elite division, and last year was 37th in the US national series. Innovation High School students started The Spartan Club after hearing about Kris’s races. There are ten kids currently in the Spartan Club, and it continues to grow. Students meet at 7am twice a week to train (including dashing over the new University District Gateway Bridge). The students are training for both the Spartan race in Seattle, as well as local events such as the Dirty Dash. The students train by doing both crossfit and running. Pride School staff members are also involved and heading to the Seattle Spartan race in April. They are using the Spartan Race as an encouragement to live a healthier lifestyle as well as using this opportunity to overcome obstacles as a staff.