EWU fans cheer on Eagles

Sunday, January 6, 2019

(as reported by Peter Maxwell, KHQ)

SPOKANE, Wash. - Devoted EWU fans and alumni started their Saturday bright and early to cheer on their football team playing for the FCS championship.

But while a majority of the Bing Crosby theater, which was holding the official watch party, was filled with red and black, one couple in the crowd was cheering for the other team.

" it's a fun experience. I thought I'd come down the fans are always really good-natured. College football fans usually enjoy having folks from the other side down watching the game," Said North Dakota State fan David Hoveskeland.

While the Eagles were down in the first half, they quickly began to come back with an unbelievable trick play, and the Bing went wild. EWU alumni Chris Gray was ecstatic when the Eagles scored their first touch down.

"The Trick Play was a great call the coach really called it right where we needed that momentum and needed that touchdown to keep us in the game," Gray said.

Eagle fans remained hopeful as both teams fought for the title throughout the game. But sadly for all those Eagle enthusiasts, it was the Bisons who came out on top.

"Definitely a bummer that we didn't clinch the championship today, but it's exciting that we went as far as we did," said Alumni Sydney O'Conner.