Economic Development and Business Support

The phrase "innovation district" is a popular moniker for network-building, placemaking, R&D ingenuity and economic development--a waypoint where entrepreneurs and researchers cross paths, ignite new ideas and bring them to market.


In 2007, the Washington Department of Commerce designated The University District as an Innovation Partnership Zone to generate economic growth in sectors such as healthcare, technology and manufacturing. As such, The University District increasingly attracts a critical mass of exceptional students, faculty, researchers and creative entrepreneurs whose work catalyses new public-private partnerships, commercialization opportunities, job growth, and overall prosperity.


Perhaps the single largest economic development opportunity for the region is Vision 2030. Led by Greater Spokane Inc., this initiative aims to create a comprehensive, world-class center for health and medical sciences education and life sciences research and commercialization, resultingin in robust health-care and life sciences industry growth with unprecedented economic impact to the Spokane region. Read more regarding Vision 2030.


Likewise HSSA (Health Sciences & Services Authority) plays a key role in promoting bioscience-based economic development in Spokane County, advancing new therapies and procedures to combat disease and to promote public health.


Other significant work impacting economic development in our area is led by Startup Spokane with its many outstanding resources, programs and events supporting Spokane's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Likewise, Toolbox, across from the McKinstry Innovation Center, is a collaborative center for manufacturing and product-based startups.


The City of Spokane also offers excellent business development incentives to encourage private investment in targeted areas to further economic growth.