The University District leverages education, research and commercial resources to create a healthy, sustainable regional environment. The District is committed to the highest and best use of the land and Spokane River and smart urban development as evidenced by the Urbanova and Ecological Alliance programs underway.

Cities across the globe are using technology to not only improve services and infrastructure for citizens, but also to address urban challenges like energy and water usage, traffic, and waste management. They’re called smart cities--and Urbanova is one of the innovators in this movement, bringing together leaders in utility infrastructure, smart metering and communications, higher education, energy efficiency, population health, and urban planning to create a smart city technology proving ground in the heart of Spokane, Washington.

The University District Ecological Alliance is another game changer. Committed to research, advocacy , education and outreach, this community coalition seeks to embrace and protect the Spokane River that runs through the heart of The University District. With support from the City of Spokane and local for profit and nonprofit organziations (such as Spokane Riverkeeper and The Inland Northwest Land Conservancy) the Alliance is coordinating long-term clean-up, restoration and enhancment of river habitats to ensure a healthy, vibrant, sustainable future for the area's greatest natural resource.