Sprague Avenue Revitalization Project - Phase 2B

Friday, December 4, 2020

Project Number: 2019113

Construction Estimate: $3,800,000

Project Location: Sprague Avenue from Division Street to Grant Street

Description: Sprague Avenue street rebuild from Division Street to Grant Street. Reconstruct the roadway while enhancing pedestrian and cyclist safety and provide utility replacements/upgrades. This project is funded by local and federal funds.

Status: Project is on hold through 2020. Questions can be directed to Karin Janssen, Construction Relations Manager, kjanssen@spokanecity.org

Contractor: To be determined

Project Manager – Design: Jonathan Adams, 509.625.6700, jradams@spokanecity.org

Project Manager – Construction: Ryan Schulte, 509.625.7722

Construction Start Date: 04/01/2021 (estimated)

Substantially Completed Date: 08/19/2021 (estimated)

Award Date: To be determined

To reduce pavement degradation, the City of Spokane's Pavement Cut Policy is in effect for all street-related projects.


The City's Sprague Revitalization Phase 2B detour map is pending but the plan indicates that Sprague Avenue will be closed between Division and Sherman. The likely local detour will be on Second Avenue. Pine, Cowley, Spokane, and Grant likely will be closed to through traffic at First Avenue. Pine, Cowley, Spokane, and Grant streets will each have all-way stop signs and a “Sprague businesses are open” sign at First Avenue.

Non-local traffic likely will be directed to use the official detour route around the area, which follows Riverside, Browne, Third, and Sherman.