2020 NW Entrepreneur Competition April 16

Thursday, April 16, 2020

The Northwest Entrepreneur Competition (NEC) is a collaborative student startup competition dedicated to providing students with the invaluable academic exercise of implementing their innovative ideas for new businesses. With a total of $42,000 in prize money, the NEC provides young entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to turn a business plan into a life plan.


Proudly hosted by Spokane University District and North Idaho College.


The competition is being held Thursday, April 16th and is open to the public. Those wishing to compete can choose between three categories:


Avista's Technology Category – businesses encompassing new or emerging technologies, products and processes that generally involve intellectual property.


Traditional Business Category – businesses pursuing more traditional retail, manufacturing or service ventures. Social entrepreneurs and non-profit ventures also fall into this category.


Open Business Plan Category - these submissions are delineated by team composition rather than submission content. Any submission that has one or more community members, graduate students (including students studying in professional programs - pharmacy, nursing, etc.) or are participating in faculty lead research should submit within this category.