Q&A With Kent Hull, Visionary Leader of Iron Bridge

Thursday, August 11, 2016

(as reported in The Journal of Business by  Linn Parish)

In Spokane-area development circles, Kent Hull is known best for the Iron Bridge Office Campus, located along Trent Avenue just east of the University District. 

He’s built three office buildings and a parking garage there, with plans for two more offices structures along the Spokane River and near the iron railroad bridge for which the office park is named. 

In recent years, he moved beyond the few-block area in which he’s conducted business of one form or another for 30 years to take on projects in North Idaho and the University District itself. In all, Hull has $70 million in projects in the works.

He also is working with basketball Hall-of-Famer John Stockton and his family on the $13.5 million Matilda Building, a mixed-use structure that’s nearing completion along Hamilton Street, across from Stockton’s alma mater, Gonzaga University. 

At 69, Hull is looking for a legacy project in downtown Spokane to, as he puts it, “leave my stamp on the city.”

We sat down recently with Hull in his office at Iron Bridge to talk about his development career, both what’s he accomplished and what he’s working on now.  See more